Laymūn Māliḥ ليمون مالح Lemon Preserved in Salt (Kanz Recipe 609)


During the time of the book of Kanz, such salted lemons were very popular, there are nine recipes for making and seasoning it in the book. They were enjoyed as a delicious relish with other foods, and also used as an ingredient in many of Kanz recipes.

6 lemons, washed thoroughly

About ¼ cup pickling salt

4 pieces of fresh ginger, size of an almond each

4 sprigs of parsley

¼ teaspoon saffron


Cut off both ends of four of the lemons, slit them like a cross, lengthwise, but do not separate the quarters. Stuff the slits with salt, and pack the lemons tightly in a container. Cover it, and set it aside for three days (room temperature).

Take the lemons out of the container, and set aside the remaining liquid. Gently press them by hand to extract some of their juice, which is to be added to the set aside liquid. Discard all seeds. Stuff each lemon with a piece of ginger and a sprig of parsley. Pack them tightly in a container.

Extract the juice of the remaining two lemons, and add it to the set-aside juices. Add saffron to it, and pour it all over the lemons. There should be enough juice to cover the lemons completely, add more if needed.

Cover the container, and put it away, at room temperature, preferably in a dark place, for a week or so, and use. Refrigerate the remaining amount (as you will need it in several of the Kanz recipes, which I will be blogging about soon).

6 thoughts on “Laymūn Māliḥ ليمون مالح Lemon Preserved in Salt (Kanz Recipe 609)”

  1. This sounds a lot like the Pakistani/Indian version of pickled lemons which is called “laymoo ka achaar” in Urdu and Hindi. Usually eaten as a condiment to the main course of meals.
    So nice to see it in a different culture and a different version of it so many centuries earlier too 🙂

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